8 am & 10 am Traditional Worship
11:30 am Contemporary/Alternative

10 AM

What We Believe

We affirm historic Christianity

At the heart of this faith is the belief that Jesus Christ really lived in such a way so as to fulfill the promises and prophecies given to Israel in the Hebrew Bible and having died in accordance with these scriptures he really and truly rose bodily from the dead. His resurrection proves that he is indeed the Christ, the Son of the living God.

We emphasize that salvation comes to us by grace through faith.

It’s by personally trusting in Christ based on who he is and what he did that we are saved. Salvation is a free gift of God to anyone who believes.

We look to the Bible as God’s written word.

We believe the Bible is God-breathed and the absolutely trustworthy guide in all matters of faith and life. The Bible is the final authority in our church.

We value the ancient creeds and confessions of the church.

The key to the proper interpretation of the Bible is paying attention to its overarching story. We accept the ancient creeds of the church as reliable summaries of this story.

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