8 am & 10 am Traditional Worship
11:30 am Contemporary/Alternative

10 AM

Who We Are

bible_7440cnWe are an independent Protestant church.

Our congregation belongs to no denominational body.  We are governed by our members according to our church’s constitution and by-laws.

We are a Reformation Protestant church.

Our roots extend all the way back to the church reform movement of the 1500’s known as the Protestant Reformation (United Lutheran-Reformed) and beyond that all the way back to the ancient church of the New Testament.

We are a contemporary Protestant church.

While our 8 am and 10 am services may be described as traditional, we sing old hymns with faith and feeling and the sermon speaks to contemporary life. In our 11:30 am service we sing contemporary songs and the atmosphere is more relaxed and informal. In everything, we do what we do because we believe it is all still true today.

We are an evangelical Protestant church.

We are gospel-centered people. We emphasize the good news of what God has done for us in the person of Jesus, his Son.

We are a mission-minded Protestant church.

We believe God has entrusted us with his message and that we have the privilege of sharing his message with others.