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4-23-23 It’s All True

It’s All True

David Peterson / General

Faith / Lk 24:13–35

Sermon Type: Textual-Topical

Proposition: We receive the things of God in faith as we believe God is working where he says he is working (not where or how or when we think he should be working).


I. They had their hopes (Luke 24:21)

1. Explanation

a. Their hopes were rooted in their understanding of how God should act if he is God

b. It didn’t include what the angels had told the women

2. Application

3. Illustration

Romantic Comedies Set Us Up for Disappointment

A steady diet of romantic sitcom movies sets us up to be disappointed with the imperfect love of spouses or family.

That’s the conclusion lead researcher Kimberly Johnson came to after exploring the influence romantic comedies have on us. Johnson and her researchers at Heriot Watt University in Edinburg, Scotland, sought to determine if romantic comedies influence how we view love, sex, and marriage.

They examined 40 box office hits between 1995 and 2005, such as Runaway Bride, Notting Hill, You’ve Got Mail, Maid in Manhattan, and While You Were Sleeping. Her conclusion was that watching these films harmed love lives by creating wildly unrealistic expectations.

Source: Richard Alleyne, “Romantic Comedies Make Us ‘Unrealistic About Relationships,’ Claim Scientists,” The Telegraph (12-15-08); Moreland and Muehlhoff, The God Conversation: Using Stories and Illustrations to Explain Your Faith (IVP, 2017), Page 152

II. He had another perspective (Luke 24:26)

1. Explanation

a. It had to happen this way. It is so, given the way reality is. It’s not arbitrary.

b. Reality is that human fulfillment comes in self-surrender to God. Personally chosen surrender

2. Application

3. Illustration

III. He directed them to the heart of their problem (Luke 24:25)

1. Explanation

a. They were foolish, unintelligent (not picking up in the intelligible)

b. The place of knowledge the heart in personal trust

2. Application

3. Illustration


1 Encamped along the hills of light,

Ye Christian soldiers, rise

And press the battle ere the night

Shall veil the glowing skies.

Against the foe in vales below

Let all our strength be hurled;

Faith is the victory, we know,

That overcomes the world.


Faith is the victory! (Faith is the victory!)

Faith is the victory! (Faith is the victory!)

Oh, glorious victory

That overcomes the world.


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