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Which Way Should I Go?

pathWith the many spiritual and religious options out there people legitimately ask, “Which way should I go?”

In response to that very question Jesus said, “I am the way” (John 14:6a).

Jesus did more than merely assert this, he demonstrated it. He proved it by his miraculous life (the miraculous character he demonstrated and the miraculous words of wisdom he spoke) documented for all the world to see in the record of his life and teachings found in the Bible.

What’s more, he showed himself to be the messiah promised in the Hebrew Bible by the way his life unlocked the often hidden meaning of Old Testament passages.

The crowning evidence, however, is his resurrection from the dead. It’s by his resurrection that he was shown to be the Son of the God (Romans 1:4).

Because of this evidence we can trust that his promise “whoever believes in me will not perish” (John 3:16) is true.

Such “saving faith” has three important aspects.

It begins in knowledge of the facts (the evidence for Christ), it moves to assent (acceptance of the facts as true), and it culminates in personal trust (trust that because of who he is and what he did Christ has destroyed the power of sin and the death sin brings).

Christ invites us to examine the facts for ourselves. Faith is not based on wishful thinking or credulity. Faith is based on evidence.

Having examined and accepted the evidence as valid we are called to personally trust Christ.

The early believers were called people of “The Way” because they trusted in Christ as the way to the Father (God).

If you’re not putting your trust in Christ, why not examine the evidence for yourself?

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