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What Does It Mean to Be Spirit-Filled?

This month we’ll be holding our annual fall revival, a time for fellowship and spiritual renewal.  I enjoy these yearly meetings.  They give me an opportunity to share on a topic that’s been on my heart in a setting that allows for a slightly different approach.  The topic I’d like to share on this year is “Life in the Spirit”.

In the Bible the Christian life is described in a variety of ways.  You may say these various descriptions are describing facets of what it means to be a Christian.  It’s all one experience with multifaceted elements.

On the one hand you can describe the Christian life as having Christ in your life.  The Bible speaks of our being in Christ and Christ being in us.  Our baptism is into Christ.  Our communion is with Christ and his finished work on the cross.  We live from Christ.  On the other hand we can speak of being a Christian as being born of God, born from above, and being born again.  We are a child of the Father.  His seed is in us, the Bible says.  Finally, we can speak of our Christian existence as being in the Spirit and having the Spirit poured out upon us.  The gift of the Christian era is our being baptized by the Holy Spirit.

During this year’s revival I want to focus in on this one way of looking at our Christian life, being baptized in the Holy Spirit.  This is the gift John the Baptist said the Messiah would give to us.  This is the promise of the Father Jesus spoke about.  This is decisive for our understanding the time in which we live.  We live in the age of the fullness of the Spirit.

I want to answer some basic questions.  Who is the Holy Spirit?  When and how is he given to us?  How can we live a Spirit-filled life?  What are Spiritual gifts?  How can we use them for the common good?

I hope you’ll join us this month for three days of food, fellowship, and dynamic worship.  May you come hungry for a deeper walk with God and for a greater understanding of his purpose for you in the Holy Spirit.  We’ve been promised that if we seek we will find!

God’s very best to you!


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